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Develop good health and wellbeing through individual centered martial arts coaching


Warrior confidence and self-discipline for all

What we offer

The ability to overcome setbacks, to reengage and to continue moving forwards until you achieve your goal

Confidence to try and learn new things

Develop skills that will work in real world situations

Improve your health and fitness

Total Martial Arts Centre offers the following

Training Systems

Striking Systems

Muay Thai


Mixed Martial Arts

Grappling Systems

Brazilian Jiu jitsu

Wrestling / Submission Grappling

Mixed Martial Arts

Weaponry Systems

Japanese Swordsmanship

Filipino Arnis

Okinawan Weapons

Discover what makes the Total Martial Arts Centre unique amongst Martial Arts schools in WA

Traditional Martial Arts

Adult Programs

Introducing Total Martial Arts Centre’s Adult Program Offering, where traditional martial arts meet modern training. Our experienced instructors provide top-notch training in striking, grappling, and weaponry. Join us today for self-development, perseverance, and fearlessness. Discover why Total Martial Arts Centre is WA’s best martial arts school.

Kids Karate

Children Programs

At Total Martial Arts Centre in Western Australia, our child programs empower and inspire young martial artists. Experienced instructors focus on self-development and discipline in a safe and supportive environment for children to learn and grow. Join us today for a transformative experience.

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Justin Boylan Hanshi


Justin is the owner of the Total Martial Arts Centre and provides a wealth of experience to the students that train with him.

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